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The services offered by us span the entire chain of value-added steps that any organization wishing to acquire or maintain its competitive edge and expecting to timely meet its customers fast growing requirements would need.

Our services are affordable, yet powerful enough for the must demanding projects. We empower engineers and architects with tools needed to create highly successful solutions for our customers. Our goal is to deliver highly reliable and powerful CAD solutions and services for engineers.

We help clients with:

Digital Design and Manufacturing
Solid and Surface Modeling, 2D Drafting & Detailing, Rapid Prototyping Product / Tool Design & Development – Sheet Metal and Die Castings
Virtual Simulation
Motion Analysis, Stress Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Plastics Flow Analysis
Component Outsourcing
Alliances with several leading manufacturing Organizations to utilize their infrastructure and manufacturing facilities towards developing end-to-end solutions for clients.
Engineering Automation & Knowledge Based Engineering Design Application Development & Drawing Automation using Visual LISP and/or Microsoft Tools
Drawing & Document Management Services Product Data Management Implementation, Drawing & Document Digitization
Multimedia & Graphics Design Rendering, Animation and Multimedia Presentations for Engineering and Architectural Requirements, Product Catalogue Design
Human Resource Consulting Identifying and placement of experienced professionals for meeting resource requirement of organizations in the field of Design and CAD/CAM
Training Corporate Training on leading CAD/CAM Software


In less than 5 yrs PLM has emerged as a comprehensive paradigm for virtual engineering, to get real products right first time and every time. The PLM wave is transforming the engineering side of manufacturing firms; just as enterprise resource planning did for the business side.

It enables our industry to catch up with product & process innovation and compete with the best companies worldwide.

The company promotes openness and standardization & works collaboratively with its clients in creating enterprise solutions enabling them to transform their process of innovation, capture the value of PLM.

The group is committed to providing the best in class & effective solutions customized to the specific needs of our customers.
We are using best – in class technologies, rich & robust processes and an extensive range of competence.

The business offers a wide spectrum of engineering service & solutions covering product development, process plant design, plant automation, embedded system & avionics, sourcing manufacturing solutions, business consulting enterprise and asset management.

These help us in providing high quality high value service to help our clients reshape their business & secure a competitive advantage.

We enable our customers to create professional CAD drawings and solutions for their mission critical requirements thus providing superior value and delivering superior customer satisfaction and service. We ensure that our clients achieve full business potential today and far into the future.

Our services and products are affordable, yet powerful enough for the most demanding projects. We empower engineers and architects with the tools needed to create highly successful solutions for their customers. Our goal is to deliver highly reliable & powerful CAD solutions and services at affordable prices.
We strive to provide superior value and delivering superior customer satisfaction and service.

Digital Product Development Capabilities

Tools for capturing and managing customer and engineering requirements, embedding knowledge rules in conceptual models and evaluating multiple design alternatives
A powerful and flexible toolkit for industrial design and styling with freeform shape modeling surface continuity and analysis color, materials, textures, lighting and studio effects; advanced rendering
A leading edge design solution including hybrid modeling with parametric, explicit and direct techniques; assembly design and management; process specific tools for sheet metal and routed systems; continuous design validation; dimensioning and drafting
Simulation An extensive portfolio of simulation tools includes motion and structural analysis wizards for designers advanced modeling and post processing for simulation specialists
Tooling General purpose jig, fixture and workholding tool design ,; knowledge enabled special purpose solutions for injection mold development, progressive stamping die design and design engineering
Machining Industry leading solutions for NC programming integrated toolpath and machine simulation post processing shop documentation and manufacturing resource management


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